Compare and Contrast: Types of Sedation in Dentistry

When you think of sedation, you may think first of general anesthesia, a type of sedation that renders the patient completely asleep. While this is a common type of sedation, it is not the only type available. Several dental procedures require some form of sedation. Common procedures like root canals and wisdom tooth extractions often […]

What Do Interceptive and Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatments Entail?

Early / Interceptive/ Phase I Treatment First consult around age 7 (front permanent teeth erupting) Seeks to correct:     Anterior crossbite/underbite (“Bulldog”)     Posterior crossbite, especially with asymmetry     Habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrust swallow)     Impacted front teeth     Severe crowding overlapping of permanent teeth     Flared/spaced front teeth (risk f trauma without treatment) […]

Teen Dental Health: How to Avoid Dental Issues in Teenagers

Raising teenagers presents its own set of challenges, and the same goes for promoting their oral health. From sugary snacks and drinks to tobacco habits and more, teenagers are at risk for cavities, decay, and long-term dental issues. Unlike with young children, it can be difficult to promote, encourage, and assist in getting your teenager […]

Enhancing Childhood Smiles: Orthodontic Appliances and Their Uses

As we discussed in “Orthodontics for Children: When and Why You Should Begin Treatment Early,” caring for your child’s smile includes an early-life orthodontic evaluation. Though most children don’t require treatment until later, age 7 is a good time to be evaluated for orthodontic concerns, helping your care provider map out a treatment plan and […]

Orthodontics for Children: When and Why You Should Begin Treatment Early

From the teething stage to wiggling baby teeth, all the way to permanent teeth and their maintenance, your child should be provided with top-notch oral care. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends finding your child’s “dental home”– a comfortable, familiar office to regularly visit and receive oral care– by age one. […]

Top 4 Problem Dental Habits in Children and Why You Should Break Them

Caring for your child’s teeth is more important than you may think, even if they are “just baby teeth.” As we discussed in “Your Child’s First Teeth: What to Expect,” baby teeth are actually quite integral to your child’s overall health and the development of their permanent teeth. There are plenty of oral health habits […]

Preventing Dental Issues in Children

A child’s teeth begin forming in the womb, and can emerge at as early as four months old. This means that proper dental care and hygiene begin long before your child is old enough to brush their own teeth, and preventing dental issues can be more complex than you may imagine. Preventative care means more […]

Your Child’s First Teeth: What to Expect

Did you know that a child’s teeth begin forming before birth? Though the primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, are already developing before they are born, you won’t be able to see them until they break through the gums– also known as “eruption.” Eruption can occur as early as four months, beginning with the […]

Providing the Right Dental Care for your Children

You already know that we recommend you come in for a checkup and cleaning at least every six months, but do you know what your child’s dental needs are? From the time children are babies and growing in their first teeth, their oral health care needs may be different from adults. It’s important to know […]